Technical Assistance Services



Procurement TA for Contracting Authorities

-       Preparation of Particular Conditions of Contract

-       Preparation of evaluation criteria and related grids

-       Tender Dossier review, including check of Technical Specifications/ Employer Requirements, Bills of Quantities/ Schedules of Prices, etc

-       Tenders evaluation, including Evaluation Report

-       Technical Assistance during contracting

Procurement TA for Contractors/Consultants

-       Analysis of Tender Dossier including identification of main milestones, risks & critical issues and assessment of evaluation criteria

-       Support for bid preparation

-       Bid pre-evaluation

-       Support during bid evaluation and contracting

TA during tendering and contracting for both Employers and Contractors/Consultants*, with part/full time intervention during this phase.


Note*: Services are available both Parties, but for avoiding conflict of interest, TA shall not be provided to both Parties for the same project

Contract Implementation

-       General counselling during contract implementation

-       Contract correspondence

-       Contract progress monitoring

-       Contractual advise in decision making

TA for improving contract implementation, with distinct interventions, for either general monitoring, or for particular issues raised during the project lifetime.

Claims Management

-       Overall contract progress monitoring and identification of conflict matters

-       Alternatives assessment and recommendation of best approach

-       Claims preparation

-       Claims defence

TA based on short and concentrated inputs, but expanded in case of claims situation.


-       Preparation for referring a dispute to the Disputes Adjudication Board (DAB)

-       Preparation of position papers and hearing for DAB

-       Act as Party representative

-       Appointment as DAB member

Intensive TA input in case of contractual conflicts, with highly dedicated inputs.