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Course Modules



Module I - Introduction to FIDIC Conditions of Contract  and contract administration

Duration: 2 days

Day 1

FIDIC Conditions of Contract

-         Introduction to FIDIC – types of FIDIC Manuals

-         Basic principles in selecting the right Conditions of Contract

-         Particular Conditions of Contract and Appendix to Tender – understanding of functioning of these documents.

-         Technical Specifications/ Employer’ Requirements

-         Bills of Quantities/ Schedules of prices/payments

-         Drawings

Introductory course

Day 2

Contract Administration

-         Understand steps and responsibilities

·            Phase 1, before the contract award

·            Phase 2, from award to Commencement Date

·            Phase 3, from Commencement Date to the first 28 Days

-         Project control elements - Notifications, Instructions, Reports, Records, Certificates

-         Financial management

Module II – Practical exercises on Red/ Yellow FIDIC Books

Duration: 2 days

Day 1

FIDIC Conditions of Contract – Red Book

-         Technical Specifications, Employer Requirements

-         Bills of Quantities and methods of measurement

-         Payments

Practical course based on exercises and examples

Day 2

FIDIC Conditions of Contract – Yellow Book

-         Employer Requirements

-         Schedules of prices/payments

-         Testings during execution and payments and at Works handing-over

FIDIC Conditions of Contract –Pink (MDB) Book

-        Differences from Red Book

Module III - Claims & Disputes

Duration: 2 days

Day 1

Contractual Risks

Contractual proceedings

Types of Claims – for time and money

Advanced course on claims and disputes

Day 2

Appointment of Disputes Adjudication Board (DAB) – Red/ Yellow FIDIC Books

- DAB proceedings

Module IV – Public Procurement

Day 1

Course addressed to both Employers/ Contracting Authorities and Contractors/ Consultants, for providing particular details on preparation of Tender Dossiers, respectively responsive bids for Services/ Supplies/ Works, underlining main steps to be considered, preparation of evaluation criteria/ grids and bids evaluation, as well as pitfalls for Employers/ Contracting Authorities and Contractors/ Consultants. If required, the course may be tailored for any of the two ‘sides’, respectively for any of above issues, i.e. Services/ Supplies/ Works.

The course may well be attached to any of above courses, especially to the introductory FIDIC course, for providing a full image on tendering, contracting and projects implementation.

Procurement course for  both Employers/ Contracting Authorities and Contractors/ Consultants, on Services/ Supplies/ Works.


Note: These courses may be expanded, for including the best blend of theory / practical exercises, adequate to each Client.